Toddlers and Tiaras: She who is Tootie

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

Disclaimer: If you choose to comment, please be sure to have actually read the piece before doing so. I never, EVER call Miss Tootie a bitch. I very clearly state that I do NOT think it’s OK to call a ten-year-old a bitch. So please stop leaving me nasty comments slaying me for doing something I did not do. Other than that, happy reading!

Oh, TLC, how aptly named you are. I say this because I truly learned something this week while watching “Toddlers and Tiaras”: sometimes, beauty really is only skin deep.

Say whaaaaat now? You already knew that? Well, pffft. Good for you. You and I, my friend, seem to be the only people on earth who realize this.

In this weeks “Toddlers and Tiaras” we meet (among others) ten-year-old Madison “Tootie” Berg,  from Brandon, Mississippi. At first she seems like a bright, well-spoken young lady who likes both sports and pageants. With a charming Southern accent and big toothy smile, she reminds me of a young Britney Spears. However, that’s where the similarities stop. While young Ms. Spears was a bouncing ball of sunshine and happiness, “Tootie” is … well, she’s a spoiled rotten little brat.

Uh, yes, I went there. And so did other bloggers. Dodai from Jezebel got reemed by commenters for calling a ten-year-old a bitch. And while I agree that it is too harsh a word for such a young girl, I sort of think it’s a fair prediction of her future. When I was ten, I certainly understood the repercussions of my actions. The back of my mother’s right hand made sure of that. If I had ever, ever, ever talked back to my mother the way the Toots mouths off to her mother, I’m not entirely certain I’d still be here today. As in, alive.

When I was two (that’s right, two, not ten, two!) my mother worked all the time and sometimes had to leave me in the care of a babysitter. Apparently one day she came home from work to find the nanny “fanning” my food, or basically waving a napkin above my plate to cool the meal down. (Reminder: I was two.)  I don’t remember the incident AT ALL, but I guess my mother asked what the holy hell was going on, to which the babysitter replied, “Oh, the food was a little too hot so I’m cooling it down for her.”

Now, that doesn’t sound so crazy or absurd right? Well, not in my family. I’m 26 now and my mother still reminds me about how I used to make the nanny fan food for me and “what a princess I am.”

Really, Mom?  I used to make the nanny fan my food? At age TWO?

Anyhow, Tootie doesn’t seem to have that problem. Her mother says that she’s not so much a stage mom as an assistant to her child. She then takes it a step further and gleefully refers to herself as “Tootie’s slave,” doing everything short of wiping the girl’s ass for her.

Here’s Mrs. Berg on the floor, painting her daughter’s toenails – and quite poorly, apparently: at one point as her mother is gently blowing on her toes, the Toots yanks her foot away and snaps: “Ow!” Then, in a voice positively dripping with disdain, “I don’t want you to blow on them!”


… Here’s our humble heroine patiently waiting for her slave, er assistant, er mother to finish her pedicure …


… while she stuffs her face with chips.



Her mother, meanwhile, speaks with a slow southern drawl and has the word “ENABLER” tattooed across her forehead. OK, so I made that part up, but she might as well. She never once attempts to discipline her daughter, nor does she show any embarrassment or even acknowledgment of Tootie’s bratty behavior. She talks about Tootie performing with a fuzzy, dreamy smile, and describes her like a “life-size doll.” Yikes. She also barely moves her mouth when she talks, but who am I to critique?


Once at the pageant, Tootie turns on the charm full force. She rolls her eyes every time her mother opens her mouth and berates her hair stylist for daring to ask a question.  She refers to herself in the third person (“Tootie is tired!”), snaps repeatedly at both her mother and hair stylist and manages to keep a perma-scowl plastered across her (albeit) pretty mug. She spends the whole day looking as if she’s walked into an elevator that’s just been farted in.


Is that me?


My favorite part is when the hair stylist is trying to pin on Tootie’s super authentic Indian headband. Every time she touches her hair Tootie shrieks in (totally fake) pain, snapping, “You’re sticking that INTO my head!” The hair stylist finally gets fed up with a ten-year-old verbally abusing her and snaps back: “You know what? If it hurts, that means it’s going to stay! I want you to say ow!” The Toots, positively shocked that someone has dared to talk back to her, sits motionless for a moment before letting out an angry shriek when the stylist tries to touch her again.

For all her ugly personality traits, when Tootie steps on stage she totally rocks it. While other girls tend to drift off in the middle of their routines or drop their smiles while remembering a step, the Toots is a beast on stage. And yet … the judges look less than dazzled. Could they, too, see what lies underneath all that makeup and hairspray?

Perhaps so. Tootie walks away with Supreme Queen in her division, but does not win any of the Ultimate or Grand prizes. And she’s pissed. The interviewer asks her if she’s happy with what she won, to which she replies:

I dunno


She quickly follows that up with a resounding No! Then, Tootie remembers that the cameras are watching:


Other commenters have mentioned that they felt sorry for the little girl (say whaaaaaaaat??) and remarked that she seemed sad.

Suckers. She’s not sad. She’s not being manipulated.  She knows exactly what’s going on. Maybe if she was six or seven, I’d say, okay, she doesn’t understand. But she does. Trust me. Just check out the scenes where she’s staring at herself in the mirror.  After her makeup and hair are finished, and without any provocation from her mother, Tootie starts going through her various poses and facial expressions in front of a mirror. And then, every time she passes by a reflective surface she stops to smile at herself and pose. It’s kinda … creepy. She’s just so focused and detached emotionally that when her mother jokes that she has to walk like a robot to prevent mussing her dress or hair up, the comparison hits a bit too close to home.

But hey, in all honestly, the girl’s on top of her game. When she takes the stage, magic happens: gone are the nasty scowl and terrible attitude; in their place stands a radiant young lady with a dazzling smile. Suddenly, you can’t take your eyes off her as she ricochets across the stage like the talented ball of fire she is.  I’m serious. The girl is fierce.

The Face of Evil

The Face of Evil?

If I had just been shown the part where she performs, I would have been totally fooled. I would have been dazzled by the good looks and the natural talent.

Have you ever seen the Jack Black comedy “Shallow Hal”? Remember Nurse Tanya, who worked at the hospital where Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow) volunteered? To the world, she looked like this:


But Hal, who had “the whammy put on him”, was able to see her “real self”, which was this:



Now, you may hate me for making this comparison when it comes to a ten-year-old girl, but I’M JUST SAYIN’…



If only her mother would wake up and realize that perhaps a little well-placed discipline would do her daughter a world of good. I don’t understand why a girl who is so beautiful on the outside feels the need to act so ugly. She should wipe the sneer off her face and learn the fine art of being a gracious loser. That’s a good lesson to learn AT ANY AGE.

P.S. Be sure to check out the Jezebel article for some great Tootie video clips.

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84 Responses to “Toddlers and Tiaras: She who is Tootie”

  1. I luuuuuuuvvvv TOOTIE she IS da BOMB like TICK-TICK!!!!!!

  2. hey i find that very offensive and all of you are just jealous

    • kiyokotown Says:

      Is that really you, Tootie?!

    • It’s not offensive, it’s the pure truth. If you really are ‘Tootie’, I must say I consider you a spoiled brat that knows nothing else except looks. Get your brain back from vacation because looks won’t help you that much in life, you’ll need brain too. Something you clearly don’t have.. Well, you do, but only when you need to think of a plan to achieve what you want.



      • Befor yall say something about the kids on tv shows you should make sure you know who they are in real like. The tv producers want to make them look like brats and the worst kid on earth. so just make sure they are not like waht the show makes them be.

    • I think your just a bitch who can’t handle losing to someone better than her. I think Abbie Johnston was way better than you.

    • jealous of what that tootie is fake . you can be beautifull and real at the same time but some people just have to lose everything to see that. i hope she can learn to see it without someting horrible happening to her

    • If your really Tootie how old r u now?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Look, if you don’t wanna be offended don’t act so mean. Popping your little attitudes won’t help it, so I wouldn’t advise being bratty and disrespectful to your mother. I’m a 11 year old…. A kid just like you but I know better. Trust me, if you think I’m just hatin, you need to think twice cuz I’m just trying to help your “Tootie Personality”, which is the part of you that sux.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You need to learn how to keep it real, cuz that Tootie act aint cuttin it. So, you need to fix that. Things will TOTALLY not turn out better if you keep bein a little brat. You might be cute, but you aren’t the best thing around… That’s why you didn’t get the BIG CROWN. They want big pretty smiles with beautiful attitudes followed by it. I wonder what your little school friends are thinking

    • u know wat tootie ur just a spoilt little brat nd no one would wanna be jealous of a spoit brat like u makin ur mum ur slave nd get down with ur lame attidude

  3. People need to lighten up and have a sense of humor. I thought this recap was really funny. And that girl is a brat!

  4. Unadulterated words, some authentic words man. You rocked my day!!

  5. wow. as an avid pageant fan, former contestant, and most importantly a fourth grade teacher – all i can say is that she is a CHILD. for you to say “nice” about her responses after an interview and that “she is not being manipulated,” that she “knows exactly what’s going on” is sad and disappointing.

    the point of the show is not to show people how young girls act. The point is to show the terrible situations that their guardians – the people responsible for bringing these children up in a smart, safe, and reasonable way – act.

    at a certain point, yes, she will realize what she’s doing. she may not realize how wrong it is for a while. however, step into my fourth grade classroom and tell me that my fourth graders (9 and 10 years old) know what the gestures they perform mean. tell me they know the curse words they use. and tell me their behaviors come from their own knowledge, and without influence from their parents or guardians. Remember, she is a child and has been taught everything she is doing. It takes a long time for children to find their own values and learn what is and isn’t acceptable or appropriate.

    the only sad and disgusting thing here is the way people around her ALLOW her to act.

    • kiyokotown Says:

      First off, thank you for your comment.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and unfortunately we do not see eye-to-eye on this issue. I can certainly appreciate the knowledge and expertise you bring to the table (being a fourth grade teacher) but I have to disagree with your generalization of children. They are all not the same, and while one child may have a solid comprehension of action and consequence, another may have never had to deal with it. (As I suspect is true in Tootie’s situation.)

      I may be in my twenties, but I remember being 10 quite well. It was the year my brother was born, and I was in fifth grade. I was in a fight with a friend, and she said something particularly cruel about my newly born brother. I wanted to hurt her back, so I called her the meanest word I could think of – “bitch.” It worked: she cried, and I got in trouble for using a word I knew I wasn’t supposed to. Of course I had heard this word before and I knew what it meant and I knew that if I used it I would A) hurt someone and B) get in trouble.

      Did you watch the episode? Surely we can agree that Tootie’s mother does not act in any way shape or form like her daughter. She is a passive enabler, happy to smile and wave off her daughter’s numerous behavioral issues. I do not think Tootie models her attitude or behavior on her mother. I think she is mimicking other contestants, or perhaps their mothers. Maybe she saw someone on TV. Regardless, she is not simply parroting behavior she learned from her caregivers, as you suggested.

      We can certainly agree on one thing: “the only sad and disgusting thing here is the way people around her ALLOW her to act.” AMEN. I was shocked and appalled that her mother did NOTHING to curb or correct her daughter’s attitude. She should want the best for her, and allowing her to behave in such a manner is nothing but detrimental for her future.

      UPDATE: I just watched the episode again to see if my memory of Tootie was accurate, and yep, she’s just as much of a brat as I remembered. With the footage fresh in my mind, I have to ask: As an educator, in your opinion, when should children start being taught that all actions have consequences? When is it time to stop making excuses for them and start holding them accountable? Twelve? Fifteen? Eighteen? Is it never OK to call a child a spoiled brat? IMO, this is probably why Tootie is the way she is: people in her life keep dismissing her behavior with “Oh, she’s just a child, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Obviously, I blame the parents, but I am not totally convinced that Tootie is unawares or innocent in this.

    • Katiegrrl Says:

      “all i can say is that she is a CHILD.”

      Yes, she is a CHILD which is why her parents need to stop dressing her up like a little grown up and sexualizing her. Don’t try to shame people who make remarks about pageants or this kids behavior. NOTHING anyone can say or do could possibly be as worse as what her parents, you & pageant supporters do to these kids.

      And yes, for the record this kid is a BITCH!

      • I agree child pageants are a little wrong, sometimes though it makes a girl have some fun. Eden Wood turned out alright, she’s a charming little girl! But I do agree, Madison (Her real name) Could use some discipline.

  6. Brat? More like hysterical. This girl was hilarious, they need to have her on more episodes!

    • kiyokotown Says:

      It might be interesting to see how she grows up … maybe we could revisit the Toots when she’s sixteen. Have any of you guys seen that old pageant documentary “Painted Babies”? It’s my favorite. There’s a sequel several years later where the director goes to check up on the two main girls (who are very young in the original documentary, maybe six or seven) when they are sixteen. It’s really cool to see how much they have (or haven’t) changed.

  7. I WISH I had tooties looks. That may seem weird since she is a few years younger than me, but WOW she is drop dead gorgeous you cant deny. Yeaa I think she just becomes a brat once shes all dolled and glitzed up, but at her home she seemed like a pretty sweet girl. She seems intelligent though and I could picture her moving on to bigger and better pageants maybe even miss america. She is a knockout! and dang! the girl knows how to perform!!!(:

    • kiyokotown Says:

      I agree! She’s only ten but she’s already so beautiful. And like I said in the recap, she totally owns the stage. I definitely think she could go very far in the pageant world.

  8. kirstinpageantgirl Says:

    Okay, there is no need to sit here and judge somebody that you don’t even know. First off, she is a child and children do throw fits sometimes. I have pageanted with her and she is actually a very sweet girl. Pageants are extremely stressful and even I get upset with my mother.

    • kiyokotown Says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am not judging her, I am simply stating my opinions based on the appearance she gave during the show. I am, however, about to judge her mother right now: that woman needs to wake up. I know Tootie acts the way she does because she is allowed to! Her mother doesn’t seem to practice any discipline whatsoever. And you make a very good point – pageants are stressful! I never participated in pageants but I did perform in dozens of stage productions during my young life. And I do remember becoming overwhelmed sometimes with the stress of it all. However, my mother had the good sense to bring me back to Earth when I did have bratty moments. She taught me how to deal with my pre-show jitters in a more positive, effective way that did not involve lashing out at others. And that’s exactly what she should have done. Her job was teach me right from wrong, not be my friend or my cooing admirer. I hope Tootie’s mother watched the episode and recognized her errors.

  9. No she is not in REAL LIFE she is one of the sweetest people EVER!!!!

    • kiyokotown Says:

      In “real life?” So the bratty attitude was just for the cameras? If she is “one of the sweetest people EVER!!!!” then why did she put on this act, this fake persona for television? Wouldn’t you be on your BEST BEHAVIOR when you know millions of people are potentially going to be watching?

      • Sorry i went off its just shes my friend and wouldn’t you take up for your friend if someone was calling her a brat

      • kiyokotown Says:

        You are absolutely right; I would stick up for my friend, too – even if she was being a brat! That makes you a good friend. Thank you for your comment!

  10. I am really Tootie Berg! i am in a gray shirt that says “total Girl” on it (of course)! lol….. I am not a brat! it is just all tv,,,

  11. i go to a great school… and every sunday i go to church.. i’m on the all a/ sometimes a/b honor roll at school…. my mom does get me in T-R-O-U-B-L-E (trust me!)… it aint that pretty sometimes! i like swiming, cheering,basketball(yes basketball), pageants, modeling, playing with my brother and sister(sometimes), and playing with my dogs (key key,sadie, and nitro),going to school and working in the garden with my daddy :)! I ❤ BOTH OF MY PARENTS SO MUCH..

  12. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. I just watched Toddlers & Tiaras for the FIRST TIME last night! (June 3,2010)
    I’m sure Tootie is right…a lot of the OVER-EXAGGERATED ATTITUDE was just FOR “TV”
    In reality t.v. they COACH you to be “OVER THE TOP”
    I doubt Tootie is EXACTLY LIKE the Tootie we saw on the show!
    This young lady is AMAZING…attitude or not…When she gets on that stage,SHE OWNS IT.
    Yes,the stress can make (everyone) unbelievably cranky,but you would never know when she takes that stage.THAT’s TALENT…beyond her years.
    I turned it on,prepared to dislike the girls and their mothers…
    Just the opposite happened.
    I’m hooked AND
    Those girls (& moms)are amazing.
    (great blog,blogger!)
    in New Orleans

  14. tootie sure ur a good kid but try not to get too spolied and get a college degree ok?

  15. ANNABELLA Says:



  17. musicmad Says:

    I find it sad that someone would take all this time to make a page just to bash a little girl who they think is a brat. Madison, I’m sorry you even had to read this stuff.

    • kiyokotown Says:

      Thank you for your comment. I too am sad you feel this way and would like to point out that I am in no way “bashing” Madison. I am simply commenting on the behavior she chose to put forth on television. I make no false or gratuitous statements about Madison. This is a recap of the show “Toddlers and Tiaras,” and the sole reason Tootie is highlighted (and not the others on the episode) is that she was the only girl exhibiting outlandish and disgusting enough behavior to warrant a mention. I did not invent or coerce Tootie’s behavior, or twist it in a way that I thought might be interesting for my blog. I simply recapped what I saw. There are plenty of other recaps of this show, of this particular episode, on the internet.

  18. Omg I Love Watching Tootie On Stage .. She Rocks . I Think Im Gonnna Start Pageants .. And Tootie’s Not A Bi**h .. You Need To Stop Saying Stuff Bad About Her .. And Have you heard that saying if you don’t anything good to say don’t talk at all … well if don’t now you do .. So Take MY Advice And Shut Up .. Gosh . I Hate Drama .. When I’m Not Causin’ It .. Lol =]]

    • kiyokotown Says:

      Omg Ok I Will Take Your Advice .. If You Take Mine .. Dear God .. Stay In School .. Because .. Anyone Who Types Like This … And Isn’t a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl .. Needs To Stop Leaving Inane Comments On Random Blogs .. And Pick Up A Book!

      (And if you ARE a 13 year old girl, yikes, my bad. But seriously, you told me to shut up on my own blog, what did you expect? 🙂 )

  19. Saw this girl on TV yesterday. OMG! What a totally spoilt, nasty piece of work she really is. Big-headed, stupid and arrogant are three more ways of describing her. I hope her Mum is proud of screwing up her upbringing so badly.

  20. I agree with the blogger. Yeah tootie is/was only 10 but very aware. She is an extremely bright girl but yet very shrewd. There is no innocence there. She is gorgeous and if her mother could steer her energy in the right direction Madison Berg will go very far. But seeing how her mother is an just aids in her bad behavior. Tootie will have a hard life lesson to learn later on.

    • kiyokotown Says:

      Thank you for your comment, Keli.

      You said it perfectly: “There is no innocence there.” Yup. The Toots is definitely not made of sugar and spice or anything nice. Innocent girl she is not. Tootie is far more cunning than people give her credit for: she’s calling the shots and her folks are simply along for the ride.

      The shock of the real world will hopefully humble her a bit. On the other hand, she IS a pretty girl, so maybe not.

  21. No one is bashing her I saw everything the blogger posted.

  22. she is pretty but she dont need all that make up she is naturaly pritty and she could be nice to her mom and her hair styeyist

  23. Cheeky rude brats. God help them when they grow up. These children should be removed from their fat ugly parents. Poor little Hope who had a stroke
    no doubt was caused by her fat lazy trailer trash mother. We all know what happened to little Jon Benet and after seeing the shows Toddlers and Tiaras
    there will be more children to suffer. Some of these mothers are so horrible on the show in front of tv cameras God only knows what happens when the poor child gets home.

  24. you guys really need to stop bad mouthing madison.. i know her and in real life she is probably one of the nicest girls you could meet. yeh, they made her look like a brat in t&t but that’s fake. duh, publicity. the ask her to do that stuff. seriously, stop and look at yourself.. why are you judging her? you don’t even know her..

  25. Medison nise girl! But public life – “T & T”? It’s difficult and hard. Toote. You and Your fotos, videos on TV, NET, PRESS. Around GOOD and BAD peoples. How You feel? What You think? GOD BLESS YOU! I’m from Ukraine! Nice to meet You! I hope, You add me?

  26. Honestly, what she did is done and frankly i understand why she acted the way she did. Many people dont think everything through before they act. If she had known things would be like this she never would have acted like that. I had been asked to take part in the same show but knew I would be judged like how Tootie is being judged right now. Children will be children anad thats that. Forgive and forget. Stop holding onto everything and be proud of this young lady and her accomplishments.

  27. Hey Tootie/Madison. Please reply to me, my nickname is toots and tootie. But i’m a fan, of your gorgeousness. I think that the tv show portrayed you the wrong way by using clips where you were upset and such, so I doubt one episode will tell us whether someones a brat or not. Keep up the awesome ❤

  28. realize that they edit that tv show so that it makes a girl look bratty, or down to earth, or whatever they want it to appear? now that I watch this show every time it’s on it’s very obvious to me that the reason “Tootie” was so “bratty” was because she was dissapointed she didn’t not pull out to get a supreme title. Winning her age group is NOTHING to those bit pageant contenders like her. What came across as brattiness was, in my opinion, just her dissapointment showing.

  29. I went over this website and I believe you have a lot of fantastic info , saved to favorites (:.

  30. tootiesucks Says:

    tootie i now know that your a lowlife b※※※h and stop treating your mom like that just for once stop saying its the camera cuz its not B※※※H

  31. Hey everyone that is commenting. This is “THE” Tootie… Really, no joke… Okay anyways, I’m twelve years old now almost 13 (a teenager)… Now that i am old enough to understand what yall are saying it is VERY rude and unbelieve that any human would ever talk about a kid like that! I’m very devoted to church, and i’ve read the whole Bible. I go to cheer everyday Monday-Friday most of the time for 4 whole hours. I have many friends and love The Lord, My Savior. I am saved and blessed with a great family!

    • 0as you said your “twelve years old now almost 13 (a teenager)… ” your old enough to understand that your not Hanna Montana!

    • Madison,
      Could you please give me some advice? I just started middle school and I figured since we’re the same age, you might be able to help. I know you’re busyand it sounds wierd but I’m desperate!!!!

  32. You guys seriously should like hop off. This is a young girl! And yeah, so what if she has a bit of sass? Its not the biggest deal, I think i would know since im a fourteen year old girl. She seems to be a nice a nice girl, with an attitude. Obviously if you watched the show, you saw that she was sweet&kind at times, so i don’t understand why everyone is saying nasty things about her, considering the fact that you guys are judging her based on an hours worth of information. Maybe you “adults” should look at your own actions rather than the actions of a 10 year old girl.

  33. In response to the last post, Madison, Jesus teaches us to act with humilty, respect and kindness in ALL circumstances. Christians are supposed to be examples to others. The portrayal of Tootie on Toddlers and Tiara’s shatters the Christian image and is a horrible example to the world. Reading the Bible and going to church doesn’t mean a thing if the attitude is nasty and disrepectful. I hope Madison has learned a life lesson from the show.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I’m good enough to apologize, so I apologize. Congrats

  35. SheenaRose' Says:

    this is hilarious, how people could say something about such a beautiful girl; truly pathetic. I mean who cares if she’s a brat, your just a little jealous!

  36. you guys are so mean! Do you realize what you are saying about a 10 year old girl? lets admit it; Madison is not a bratty person; tvs and cameras try to make it seem that way. she seems like a great person who goes to church, does well in school, and is just a nice, good person. I don’t know her, but I can tell that she just seems like a very sweet girl. And COME ON: you can’t tell me that none of you have had a bratty mood swing under that kind of pressure! You guys can act awful in these chat rooms; talking that way about a young girl! Don’t hate, Madison seems like a great well rounded girl who loves the world of pagents and sports! And yet again; the nerve you have, as ‘adults’ to talk that way about a young girl? you may as well be 10! DON’T BE HATER’S!!! 🙂

  37. Former Pageant Girl Says:

    I get it…it’s reality t.v. They play up the brattier kids…they play up the sweet kids. TV produces love to create a character we hate….one we dislike so much, hey we even google the person! There was a mean girl in BridalPlasty, there is “villians” on Real Housewives. Almost all reality shows have villains!

    Bottom line is that personality rooted from somewhere. Producers don’t just “make” villains. I do believe with good editing, they make sure that they feature their worst moments, but those are all moments that actually happened.

    Tootie, I really don’t think you a completely mean nasty girl. You were a just a child, and that shouldn’t follow you for the rest of your life. We all make snarky comments and have a poor attitude from time to time, but its the ones who grow out of it and learn from it that keep them from turning into the “B” word when they grow up.

    The best thing you and your mother can take this as is constructive criticism. People say, “Perception is reality” and there is a great truth to that. It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day, or this was just a small phase in your life….even if you didn’t mean it… it is how you are perceived, and that is truth to the general public. The best thing you can do is let it roll off your back, realize that there is always someone watching (and act like there is always someone watching), and you will be great.

    To all of the anti-pageant parents…I’ve done glitz and natural when I was growing up. I was so shy I couldn’t even order my food at a restaurant or look someone in the eye. After I started doing pageants, I became a lot more confident (I started at 10…a little late in the game). It helped me get comfortable in front of people and give presentations. No, I wasn’t Miss America or a TV actress or America’s Next Top Model….but it gave me confidence to do my job, and do it well. No one would ever look at me in the eye and guess that I, a female United States Marine Corps Officer, did beauty pageants…but I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.

    Tootie…you were a real show stopper on the stage, you have great potential for a lot of things in life…not just Miss America or TV/Modeling.

    • kiyokotown Says:

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate what you had to say and I think you gave Tootie (and her mother) some really insightful advice. Thanks again!

  38. Annelise Barnes Says:

    whoah guys, tlc gives scripts to them of what they have to say! I really know Madison ,ahem “TOOTIE” , and she so sweet . in 2011 right now while i type shes twelve. she is in seventh grade at nwr middle . shes so sweet i dont care how she looks on tv. if you really met her you would think differently. in fact shes so sweet the first time we talked she came to where i was and told me how cute my jeans were. I love madison and shes not like this So STOP HATIN ON HER!!!!!

  39. Tootie is absolutely stunning and she knows it. Good for her. I see super stardom in her future!

  40. I talked to Madisons mom via email this summer. Madison is now into cheerleading. She no longer does pageants thanks to the rude critics in the world like you!!! She was so amazing and beautiful! I am so glad to be able to call her my friend 🙂

    • No Thanks Says:

      Pardon me but…. has a child on the “Toddlers and Tiaras” show who behaved sweet, nice, and caring ever get bashed or talked down to for their behavior? Unless you can point one out to me, the answer is “no.”

      But….. has a child on the “Toddler and Tiaras” show who behaved bratty, mean, rude, and uncaring ever get bashed or talked down to for their behavior on multiple websites? I can point several out with Tootsie being one of the number one contenders.

      Have you watched the show she was on? If not, you probably should. Pretending you never met her, ask yourself what YOUR impression would be of her after watching the entire episode. Sweet? Kind? The kind of girl you would want your son or brother to marry if she were an adult?

      Oh, and she could have very much continued with pageants. It’s a choice. She chose not to continue. The result you ask? I can give you one deciding factor: Her bad attitude and America’s reaction towards her bad uncaring bratty attitude. Her quitting the pageant life was a result of her getting a reality check based on her attitude on this show. She wasn’t forced to act this way. I’m willing to bet the camera man wasn’t holding a knife to her throat and forcing her to behave poorly.

      Not a great first impression!

  41. i think she is a beautifull girl but i don’t think that’s good for her 🙂 she isn’t a 20 year old model shes is only a child / teenager

  42. gosh yall dnt know what pageants put on people and before yall start criticize get to know her people like yall just make me mad!!! i mean seriously how many of yall actually know her???? and when yall actually know her tell but till yall do dnt criticize her….

    • No Thanks Says:

      Morgan, pageants don’t “put” this on people. It’s called a “choice.” Every person has the freedom to “choose” how to behave. Pageants to make you behave this way. I have known several of my friends who were involved in pageants during their teen years and behaved with the utmost respect and maturity towards other contestants, judges, and spectators.

      Not many people would want to know Tootsie after watching this episode. I wouldn’t blame them. Would you want to waste your time in meeting someone who appears to be rude, vocal, bratty, stuck up, angry, pissed off, or an uncaring attitude? Those are called “negatives.” Not many people in their right mind would veer towards negativity.

      I understand you are mad about your friends comments but the reality is, if that was a person you didn’t know or never met, what would YOUR impression be? I’m willing to bet that it would not be a good one.

  43. No Thanks Says:

    Wow. Well, I must say that I say the “Tootie” episode for the first time on Netflix. I understand that a lot of people were saying on this website, “you don’t know her”, “don’t be mean”, “stop hatin on her.” But the reality is, I would never take the chance in allowing “Toots” to meet my child in real life. First impressions are extremely important in life. They are sometimes the deciding factor on whether or not we are appointed an important career position or given the chance to meet and keep a great lifetime friend. Unfortunately, Tootie and her mother have permanently stamped her name with the title of “BRAT” in most of America’s opinions. And THAT can never be changed because that first impression was ruined. I’m not being mean. That’s just how things are in life.

    The last time I checked, Toddlers and Tiaras is a “reality” show. If that is the case, then why on earth would you behave anything other than your innocent self? Who are you trying to “impress?” What’s the purpose behind it? To get that fifteen minute chance of being on the big screen TV? All Toots did was give herself a bad name and image. I understand that Toots is a child but what adult in their right mind would allow their child to behave this way on “NATIONAL TELEVISION?” Mom? If that’s what the TV producers wanted, mom could have and should have refused. Nobody can force you to behave like a child who doesn’t deserve anything in life unless that’s who you are or really want to be.

    Someone commented on this website and said something to the effect of, “thanks to all of the rude comments, Toots is no longer participating in pageants.” So, blame the viewers and their truthful comments involving this episode? Uh, NO! Toots could have continued with pageants. She and her mother had a choice and THEY chose not to participate in such events. Toots could have very well continued with pageants and changed her inherited ugly name and proved that her attitude was quite the opposite than the one posed on this show. The word “responsibility” comes to my mind.

    I heard a lot about Toots being involved in church and loving the man upstairs. Come on people. How many people do hateful, harmful, wrong, and bad things and then hide behind the cross? A persons attendance or involvement in the church does not prove a persons behavior to be good.

    Toots and mom: Take responsibility for your own actions. We all make mistakes and if that’s the case and you made the mistake of acting to be someone who you’re not on national television, then just say so and apologize for your bad behavior. You are now old enough Toots to watch this episode and accept and reflect on your poor behavior. Learn from it. This is not how a person should act.

    I am addressing Toots regardless of her age. She may be a child and now a teen but every child should be taught to take responsibility and own up to their mistakes. It’s never too early nor to late to learn this valuable lesson in life.

    Again, I’m not being mean. I’m only being realistic.

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