If you are like me…

… you love to shop online. And, also like me,  you probably love to save money when doing so. If both of these facts apply to you, please read on.

(Hmm… if you love to shop online, chances are, you probably already know about this website.)

Ever notice that little box on your checkout page with the words “promo code” beneath it? It could also be labeled “discount code” or “coupon code.” Much like regular stores, online shopping websites honor coupons applied through codes, usually 5 or 6 characters, sometimes a word or a phrase, sometimes just random. Some codes offer free shipping, others offer a certain percentage off or a free gift. Put simply, promo codes rock.

So where do you find these money saving codes? If the particular website has an email newsletter or bulletin, you can look there. If you provided a physical address, they might send you a coupon.

But chances are, they won’t. So, take a visit to www.retailmenot.com Type in the name of the website or company and it will bring up all coupon or promo codes offered. Users rate the codes provided, so you’ll know whether to bother using them.

There are other coupon websites, but over the years, this one has proven the most reliant.

Happy shopping!


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