… Sassy Magazine?

My aunt gave me my first Sassy – she would come over to the house to visit and bring me the past three or four copies that she’d already read. I immediately dived into it and after reading a few innocuous articles about makeup and fashion, came across a short blurb about … well, self pleasure. I think I was 11 or 12 at the time and I remember feeling my eyes bug out of my head and I suddenly felt like I had a giant spotlight trained on me and everyone knew what I was reading about. I quickly stuffed the magazines under my mattress and prayed my mom wouldn’t find them and think I was some kind of perverted child.

I later grew to love and appreciate Sassy for the excellent magazine it was. It was like my quirky, way cooler older cousin who I desperately wished I was more like. Except I was probably more like Tiger Beat. (Tiger Beat, I still love you. You gave me the Fred Savage and Kirk Cameron posters that lined my bedroom walls.)


I was sad to learn of its demise. Then, thank God for Jane. The glossier, more polished older sister of the late, great Sassy. And now, it too has seen it’s untimely end.



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