Baby Shower Madness!

My boyfriend’s sister is pregnant with her first baby – a little girl that’s right now (tentatively) named Sophie. And even though we’re not married, Carlos and I have been together for seven years so I’m very close with his sister. She’s like the sister I never had! Needless to say, I’m beyond excited for this baby.

She plans to have her baby shower sometime in October, and so lately we’ve been emailing pictures and ideas back and forth. Having never planned a baby shower before, I had no idea HOW MUCH CUTE STUFF is out there! It’s crazy. I spent forty-five minutes online the other night oohing and aahing and ohmigodhowadorable-ing. Look at some of the stuff we’ve found:

These are little candles in the shape of baby carriages. Too adorable!


These are also candles:


Look at these adorable little wire baby carriages!!


I told her that if she didn’t use these I was going to get pregnant just so I could:


Ice cream cone towels! Dying!


These little gift boxes are so sweet – you can personalize them a bunch of different way, too:


These might be better suited for a young kids’ party, but I think they’re adorable nonetheless:


I don’t normally like confetti – too messy and not really that pleasing to the eye IMO – but this is precious:


I have always wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower and these are perfect! Remember the Queen of Hearts has these rose topiaries in her garden, and the playing card soldiers have to paint them all red?? I might buy them now and save them!!


Finally, check out these baby bootie candles. Look at the detailing on the little sock ruffle! So realistic – I can practically see the chubby little foot!


If anyone knows of any good baby shower tips/tricks/ideas, please leave a comment!


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