Without cheddar, the world would be a sad, sad place for mouths

My new favorite website is The Cheese and Burger Society. Brought to you by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, this website is entirely dedicated to hamburgers and the many varieties of delicious cheese that can be added to them. Sounds good to me!

Well, wait, it just got a million-ty times better. Because this website features the voice of God (at least in my head), Patrick Warburton, and his silky smooth voice talents. There are thirty different types of burgers showcased, and with the click of a button (or a slide of a switch, really) Mr. Warburton will describe each one to you.

My favorite Warburton reading? Number 11, The Firehouse. Hearing him pronounce “jalapenos” makes my day every time.

(Number 25, The Mamma Mia, is a pretty close second. “And maybe with a slight Sicilian accent.” Something tells me that was pure Warburton ad-libbing.)

Be sure to click on the “Cheese” link for each burger. Warburton tosses off a one-liner for each type, including the wonderful gem that serves as this post’s title. Some other favorites:

“Blue. Coincidentally, blue is the color of my favorite pair of blue jeans.”

“Limburger. I once fought off three hungry grizzly bears to protect my limburger. True story.”

“Parrrmessan. If parmesan is the king of Italian style cheeses, then I’m the czar of eating it. Yeah.”

“Gruyère. Don’t be shy, say it with me. Gruyère.”

“Camembert! I named my first child after a slice of Camembert. His name is Camembert. Camembert!”



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