One-Mitt Wonder


I’m heartbroken!

So I finally got the nerve to post one of my favorite recipes on Tasty Kitchen, a website founded by my blog-idol, The Pioneer Woman. I prefaced the recipe with a short disclaimer apologizing for the bad photography, knowing full well that my photo pales in comparison to the other recipe snapshots on the website. It’s amazing how many “every day women” cooking in real kitchens at home also possess both a) amazing top-of-line cameras and lighting and b) beautiful dishware. There are so many white square plates on that website it’s madness!

Well, long story short, within a few hours of my recipe being available for viewing (it has to be approved first) I was given a dreaded one mitt rating. Out of a possible five mitts. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I know it’s not exactly a culinary masterpiece, but … one measly mitt?! How could someone have managed to cook my dish, eat it and decide they hate it so much they have to immediately rate it a mortifying one mitt?!

My boyfriend saw me staring dejectedly at my computer screen and asked what was wrong.

Embarrassed, I told him. “Someone rated my recipe on Tasty Kitchen.”

“Really? That’s great!” Having heard me talk about posting my recipe on this website for some time, he knew how important it was to me. “How much did they love it?”

His sweet earnest words almost made me cry. “More like, how much did they hate it! I got one mitt!”

He looked at me hopefully. “Out of … two?”

“Out of five!” I felt my cheeks heat up and wanted to delete the recipe immediately. I felt like an idiot.

My boyfriend was silent. He walked out of the room and I turned back to the computer. Within thirty seconds I’d decided for sure to delete the recipe.

Just then my boyfriend walked back in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Your recipe is delicious. Ignore whoever that jerk was that rated it one mitt. Who cares what they think? We know it’s good.”

I smiled, inhaling his smell and burying my face into his neck. “Thanks, honey.”

After he walked away I looked proudly at my recipe, handsomely posted on Tasty Kitchen.

Hmpf. He’s right. That person probably has terrible taste. They probably eat their filet mignon with ketchup. And they probably prefer margarine to butter. And they’re probably afraid of all that delicious cream the recipe calls for.

They probably eat low-fat mayonnaise. Yuuuuck.

One Mitt Reviewer: 0, Amy: 1.

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