Save $5 at CVS!


Coupons irk me.

Most of the time, you go searching for printable coupons for a specific store (for me, it’s usually Target, PetSmart and CVS) and the only ones you can find are for specific purposes or items: Save ten percent off adult vitamins! Save fifty cents on Metamucil! Buy one eyeglass repair kit, get one dollar off the second!

Grrrr. Now, I don’t know about you, but I wish all coupons were ones we could actually use. You know, coupons that actually saved us money. Coupons for items we actually need to buy. For example: Twenty percent off entire purchase, Buy one carton of milk, get one free, Save $5 off any 3.5 lb bag of dog food.

If I find any coupons that are actually worth using, I will post them here on Kiyokotown. If you have one that’s too good to keep to yourself, post it in the comments!

Today’s coupon: Take $5 off a $25 purchase at  CVS. All you have to do is sit through a five question quiz/video. Warning: Not a fun quiz. And worse, it’s “acted out”.

Bonus: You can print as many copies as you’d like. I made ten copies and passed them out to friends and coworkers.

Expires: October 21, 2009.

Link: Here.

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    […]Save $5 at CVS! « Kiyokotown[…]…

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