Boy, does this take me back

Holy muffin top! I loved loved loved loved loved this movie when I was a kid. My father had it on laserdisc (!!!) and I would watch it over and over, usually while eating macaroni and cheese. Dunno. I was a weird kid.

I haven’t seen this movie in some 18 years, but I immediately remembered it as soon as I started watching. I loved the little “adventure” song playing during this clip. My favorite part about this clip, though, is Snoopy’s cute grunting noises at the end:

And this clip is from another beloved Snoopy movie, “Snoopy, Come Home.” Snoopy leaves Charlie Brown to find his original owner, a little named Lila who is sick in the hospital. It always killed me how she decided one day out of the blue to write him a letter. Where was she before?? Grrr. The part with Woodstock used to make me particularly upset.

Last clip, I promise. This is also from “Snoopy, Come Home.” On his way home, Snoopy (and Woodstock, too!) gets kidnapped by this horrible little brat who names him Rex and basically tortures him. It used to break my little heart to see poor Snoopy tied up by the neck like that. I mean, b**ch tied him up by his neck! That’s straight up animal abuse! Love the song, though.

Don’t you love it when he’s closing his eyes, ignoring her at 1:40? This is the stuff dreams are made of. Or something like that.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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