Just one week left!

The series finale of Lost airs on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. I am a crazy Lost fan and am both extremely excited and sad for the last season to begin.

As an added bonus: February 2nd is my birthday! If I had the time and the money I would throw myself a big Lost/birthday party.

Click on the above image (courtesy of TV channel AXN) to enlarge it and see it in all its glory. It’s amazing.

Here are the top ten mysteries that have to “get solved” for me in this last season. Otherwise, I will be spending my summer penning angry letters to Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

Mystery #1

Smoke Monster

Smoky was the one of the first elements that really got me hooked on the show. Remember how scary that scene was in the very first episode, where the survivors hear the monster from the beach?

Things that haven’t been truly explained:

1. How Ben can summon it/control it
2. The lights it flashed at Juliet in Season 2
3. What happened when it encountered John Locke
4. It has been referred to as a “security system.” Is it?
5. It seems to appear to people in the image of a familiar friend/loved one.
6. The noises it makes.

Mystery #2

Frozen Donkey Wheel/Time Travel

I’m not even going to get into ALL the loose ends the show has created when it comes to that damn wheel and the whole time travel concept in general. All I know is: I WANT ANSWERS. Good answers. Complete answers. Mrs. Hawkins briefly touched upon the issue last season, but it was hardly good enough.

Mystery #3

Jacob (and his list) and The Man in Black

Do you think the mystery could really be as simple as this? Good vs. evil, black and white, god vs. the devil?

And what did Locke have to do with their fight? Or struggle? Or whatever?

Mystery #4

Who are Adam and Eve?

Some have guessed Jack and Kate, others believe the two skeletons are Rose and Bernard. Either way, I don’t think the writers had any idea who they were when they first introduced them. I’m just more curious to see what they decide to come up with to satisfy us. And don’t forget about the black and white stones. Because we haven’t!

Mystery #5

Jacob’s cabin/circle of ash/Claire and Christian

What is with the circle of ash? Why is Claire hanging out with Christian inside? Who was that scary man asking “help me….?”
Once again, I’m looking for clear, well-explained answers here, people.

Mystery #6

The four-toed statue

When we first saw this statue, it was just a bit of leg and a distinct four-toed foot. Later, during a time-skipping episode, we saw the backside of the full statue. And we only had more questions.

Mystery #7

The numbers

This one had better be good. The numbers have played such a HUGE role in the series that anything less than mind-blowing is going to be a let-down. (I sound angry. Don’t I? Why? I think it’s more fear. Of being disappointed.)

Mystery #8

Richard Alpert

This man never ages. And he wears copious amounts of eyeliner. Like, hello me in the seventh grade, when I was all mopey, dark and full of angst. We’ve never really gotten Richard’s back story, and I, for one, am very curious to find out his anti-aging secrets.

Mystery #9

The sickness that killed Rousseau’s crew

This storyline was just so good, I’m almost afraid that the writers are going to ruin it with a lame explanation.

It all starts with this scene:

Mystery #10

Three way tie: 1) Why do all the pregnant women die? 2) What’s up with Walt’s psychic powers and 3) What happened to the tailies who were taken in season 2?

What enduring mysteries do you need solved? Leave a comment!


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  1. Nice work but indeed we need some answers !

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