Quick Lost Theory

I’ve been thinking about last night’s episode of Lost, “Across the Sea,” and after watching it again this morning I think I have a theory to share.

I believe that fake-Mother (played quite creepily by Alison Janney) was a smoke-monster herself. Just like fake-Locke. She had to be killed with that dagger through the heart, she was able to kill large groups of men in what appeared to be one big takedown and she insinuated to Jacob and MIB that she (and they) were different from “people.” She also just seems a bit evil. She gleefully refers to MIB as “special” simply because he is capable of lying to her.

I think fake-Mother set Jacob up to kill his brother. Knowing that the MIB would be pissed about the whole head-smashing, people killing, project-destroying thing, she dragged Jacob to the light in the cave and practically spelled it out for him: She told him that going into the cave would be a fate worse than death. Then, she pleaded with him to never go in there. It’s been done in movies and cartoons before: someone is showed something and then instructed to never, ever touch it, or open it, or whatever. Which only makes them want to do it more.

Fake-mother wanted Jacob to send MIB into that cave. She wanted him to become a (the) smoke monster. Was she lying (again) to Jacob when she told him he was the “one?” Maybe, instead, MIB was the one she had chosen all along, and after seeing his great desire to leave, she took matters into her own hands. Smokey is protecting the island, and/or the light, and Jacob is now destined to forever keep Smokey on the island, under false pretenses, thinking he is the protector. Confusing, I know.

I will clean this up after I get home from work. Just wanted to get my thoughts out.

6:00 revisit: OK, so one of my favorite recappers, Vozzek69 from DarkUFO, has the same theory! His recap wasn’t up this morning, and as soon as I got off work I checked to see if it had posted. When I read this paragraph I was quite pleased:

“Cue spooky music change, and enter our oldest LOST character to date – ‘mother’. Right away, we should know who this really is. We’re given a tremendous clue as Claudia stops to drink from a stream: the overhead reflection that startles her is nearly identical to a scene in The Cost of Living. In that episode, Mr. Eko is drinking from a similar stream when he sees the reflection of the smoke monster looming over him.

Yes, mother is the monster. As we later find out, she’s also the keeper of the island, and protector of the holy heat lamp.”

That is from Vozzek69’s “Things I Noticed,” and since he is almost always right, I feel particularly pleased with myself for having come to the same conclusion he did. Except I didn’t pick up on the whole reflection thing. Damn.

Exciting! OK, going back to finish his recap.

6:10 revisit: Wow. He took it so much further. Read his recap, people.


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