Post #6: Five of my Favorite Moments from “The Good Guys”

Dear FOX Network,

Thanks for canceling The Good Guys. I would so much rather watch Million Dollar Money Drop.

I hope you can pick up on my sarcasm.

You suck for canceling the awesomeness that was Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks. Booooo. Shame on you. A pox on your house.

While I mourn the tragic passing of the short lived show, here are five of my favorite moments (with more to come) to enjoy:

5. Dan Stark: “You know who likes to be touched? Moi. That’s French for me.”

4. Dan Stark: “I just want you to know if you’re killed or maimed in there, I will take care of Liz and her mom.” Jack Bailey: “That’s the best reason to stay alive I can possibly imagine.”

3. Dan Stark: “Dallas Police Department! I am commando-ing this vehicle!”

2. Dan Stark: “It’s not just the cash value of a crime that makes it crimey,”

1. In the series finale, Jack Bailey kicks the bad guys ass, and caps it off by yelling, “Just to be clear, he’s not qualified to be Deputy Chief!” Love it.

You tell 'em Jack!

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