Post #9: OMG! WOW! No WAY! Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Bush are related to one of the Arizona shootings victims!

WHO CARES? Frankly, I think it was pretty tasteless on their parts to even say anything at all. Especially since they’re only distant cousins, who I bet they hardly see. Gwyneth even admitted to never having met her. Why would you even try to bring any attention to yourself at a time like this?

This article had the audacity to open with this amazing piece of journalism: “Even Hollywood wasn’t left unscathed when a gunman opened fire Saturday outside an Arizona grocery store.”

Wow, just wow. “Even Hollywood wasn’t left unscathed…?” There’s so much wrong with just those five words I don’t even know where to begin.

Who gives a rats ass that Sophia Bush was her second cousin? Is that important at all? No. An innocent little girl lost her life, and that is all that matters – now and forever. She will never get her first kiss, or her first dance, she will never get to graduate high school or be a bride, or a mother. That is the important situation, the tragedy. That is what the articles should be written about.

So … in respect to a life lost …

Please visit: The Life that Christina-Taylor Green Would Have Lived

And, if you’re of a religious mind, please keep Christina-Taylor and her family in your thoughts and prayers. If you’re more of a science-based faith, please try to appreciate what you have and those you love.

That’s all for today, folks! Off my soapbox now.

One Response to “Post #9: OMG! WOW! No WAY! Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Bush are related to one of the Arizona shootings victims!”

  1. Thank you for getting on your soapbox for this one. Of course you’re right, and how crass are they in Hollywood!?!

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