Post #13: Either I’m getting more uptight or the world is getting sluttier

I knew I was getting old when I saw this promo for MTV’s new series Skins, and my first reaction was not, “Oh, cool!” but “Oh, wow, how super inappropriate.”

I may only be twenty seven, but lately I feel like I’m the resident cranky old lady, hollering at my television screen. More and more I see commercials or trailers or music videos and I’m struck by the unshakable feeling that the world is getting … er, sluttier.

All I know is, if I had a daughter, I would NOT want her to watch this TV show. I wouldn’t want her to see all that glorified teenage debauchery and think that’s truly how life is.

Sometimes MTV is so hypocritical. On one hand they’re doing really good things by showing the harsh reality that is teenage pregnancy on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Moms. They shove it down our throat so much that any teenager who watches MTV and still manages to get pregnant is just a hopeless case.

And then they go ahead and produce a show like Skins. What the hey?

I’m not saying teens aren’t going to drink and experiment and even -gasp- have sex. But that doesn’t mean we have to glorify it! I remember when I was a teenager I was highly impressionable. After we would watch a movie, my friends and I would emulate characters we liked or thought were cool. Doesn’t every one?

I hate how television executives are so quick to just give the public tawdry, ignorant, low-rent crap like this. I know it wouldn’t be an easy sell, but what about trying to impart a little education on our youths? Trying to broaden their horizons beyond partying and sex?


In all fairness, I know absolutely nothing about this show except for what the promos provide. I hope that it turns out to be a show portraying the ugly, realistic side of teenage partying and sex.

What’s your thoughts?

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