Post #23: Explained Absence and Vitamins

Hello and Happy Almost-Friday everyone!

Well, I did it. I broke my resolution to post on this website every single day. BUT, I have a valid excuse. I was sick. And I don’t mean your average, run-of-the-mill cold, I mean the big daddy: the flu.

And, my God, it was awful. It physically hurt to just be, if that makes any sense at all. Standing up and navigating my way to the bathroom or to the kitchen was actually painful. There were the standard symptoms: fever, incessant coughing, and the chills! Those are the worst. I would go from feeling so cold that I felt like my bones were on ice, and then suddenly I would feel as if I’d moved to the surface of the sun.  Overall, I hated feeling so useless, so incapable, so weak.

Today, however, I woke up and after an hour or so, started feeling actually somewhat better. I was thrilled. So I jumped out of bed, showered, started the laundry and went to the market. Halfway down the second aisle I felt like a heavy velvet curtain had been dropped on me. I was exhausted, and I actually had to sit down right there in the cereal aisle.  I felt the same as I did when I ran a 10k race last year! One quick look at my list and I realized this was not going to happen. I moved through the store as quickly as I could, grabbing the necessities only, and got the heck out. My bed never looked so inviting.

Being sick made it impossible to do anything unnecessary, let alone blog. So I broke my commitment, unfortunately.

My nightstand is a nightmare. Kleenexes, various empty tea cups, discarded cough drop wrappers, etc. Plus vitamins. An assortment of vitamins. I was taking those before I got sick, though. Here is what I am currently taking:


Vitamin D3



Vitamin E




What about you?



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