Post #24: Frank Langella

My bf and I just watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, (which adorably, he thought at first was a previously unheard of Michael Moore documentary) and even though everyone praised Michael Douglas for his role, I have to say the brightest star in this movie for me was Frank Langella.


Every one of his scenes was better for having him in them. He’s such a commanding screen presence, and such a versatile actor. If the spot for favorite actor wasn’t already forever cemented in my heart (Tom Hanks, I love you), Mr. Langella would be a contender for sure.

Top three scenes:

1) The scene where him and Shia LeBeouf’s character are walking through Central Park. He’s perfect in this scene, a stoic and unmovable force next to Shia’s manic hummingbird impression. I love how he keeps his attention on the dog, while at the same time handing out sage life advice. If Shia’s character Jake weren’t so narrow-minded, he would see the giant red flags that Louis Zabel is throwing out there, the clear message he’s sending: this is over, I’m over, and soon I will be gone.

2) The potato chip scene: If you’ve seen the movie, you know what scene I’m talking about. I won’t say anymore in fear of spoiling it for anyone.

3) The scene where he’s bargaining¬† with Bretton James (played by Josh Brolin, as dark and brooding and charmingly smug as ever) over the bailout of his company. “We’ll make it four,” he growls, “so it doesn’t look so damn pathetic.” He’s trying to be tough and firm, but then he casts his eyes up, and they’re wide and shaking. I can’t articulate how great he is in this scene against Brolin. He’s perfect.

Happy Saturday everyone! Let’s all go out and watch Frank Langella movies today! Suggestions:

Junior (you know you love it)

The Ninth Gate (get your Johnny Depp fix, too)

Small Soldiers (it’s only his voice, and yes, it’s a kids movie, but my little brother used to make me watch this over and over so I have a soft spot)



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