Post #34: What I’m currently addicted to

Making crossword puzzles!

If you Google “crossword puzzle maker” you will find plenty of different options, but this is the first one I used:


Click image to visit website


I initially set out to make a fun, easy crossword puzzle for my eight and five-year-old niece and nephew for Valentine’s Day, but I soon became hopelessly addicted. I revised and expanded their puzzle several times and then made three more just for fun.

If you like word puzzles at all, I urge you to try a crossword puzzle maker. They are fun to make for family and friends because you can personalize them to include  names  and trivia. For example, I used clues that referenced a recent family party and various family member’s names.

If you don’t like word puzzles and games, you are probably wondering how you came to read such a giant dork’s blog. 🙂


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