One Book A Day … for the next 365 days

I love to read.

My father would take me to the bookstore and within minutes I would have armfuls of glossy paperbacks and a hopeful smile. “Pick two,” he would say, but I always ended up with three. How could he hinder such a passion for the written word? A passion, that truly, he instilled in me. He could make up fantastic stories at the drop of a hat. When he wasn’t there, I would make up stories for myself. He had the most amazing  and vast collection of books that I felt betrayed when he bought himself a Kindle recently. (A thousand books at the touch of your fingertips! – and the classics are free, free!, he told me, like a little kid with a new toy.) During one conversation we both voiced our shared love for the slightly musty stench that older paperbacks have, the crinkle of the edge of each page as we run our thumbs back and forth across it.

I tried (and failed) to get my younger brother to love books as much as I do. When my nieces and nephew were born, I tucked books into their Easter baskets and bought each one their own copies of The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base, Alice in Wonderland and The Jolly Postman. When they are older, I will buy them such greats as The Hatchet, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Harriet the Spy, The BFG, and Harry Potter.

Besides the joy and pleasure I get out of diving into a good book, I believe that my love of the printed word has rewarded me in several ways: first and foremost, my vocabulary. It’s no secret that most eloquent speakers are well-read. Not that I’m calling myself eloquent, but I can safely say that my vocabulary is significantly more extensive than any person I’ve met who has told me, “I don’t really like to read.”

Secondly, my passion for reading has allowed me the luxury of finding most English courses in school fairly easy. My Verbal SAT scores were near perfect, (while my Math scores were…er, less than) and recently, ten years out of any kind of schooling, and without preparing, I took a college placement test and scored a top placement in English! (Again, we’ll leave my Math scores out of it!)


I could go on and on about the merits and benefits and rewards one can reap from picking up a book. But I’d rather show you!

I hope someone somewhere will find this blog and share my list with their child, friend, sister, nephew, uncle, mailman. (Seriously, mine is really nice and always says hi!)

Happy Reading!


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