Parade of Breeds

This post will only be interesting if you’re related to me.

… and even then!

Last night was the “Parade of Breeds” at Pierce College, where I take Equine Production every Wednesday from 7 to 10 pm (among other classes). As I explained to my parents in email, it was less “Parade” and more “forty horses being walked around a dirt arena while students are tested on their breed knowledge.”

In case you were wondering, my breed knowledge sucks! I totally need to study more. I got both the Missouri Foxtrotter and the Fjord wrong, which I feel I definitely should’ve known. Out of the forty horses shown, I think I only got about 27 right. Yikes.

Anyhow, here are a few clips for those interested parties. I’m sorry for the quality! I totally thought my Flip Mino was way better than this. Then again, I had to zoom in the whole time, so that’s probably it. I mainly use my Flip for quick close range videos. Also, the footage is a bit shaky and awkward; I was standing on the top row of bleachers and had a partially obstructed view.

Can you guess the breeds? Test your horse knowledge and I’ll post the answers later.

Here’s the first clip, right before the event started:



This one has a jerky swing near the halfway point … my bad.



Here is a fairly easy one:



Look how adorable this little guy is!



This last one is just for fun … it’s a Shetland and a Shire put together. I  missed the part where they put them nose to nose, and the little guy squealed … it was too cute. Fun fact: the tallest horse ever recorded was Sampson, a Shire horse! At four years old he stood 21.2 1/2 hands high! (A “hand” is four inches.) The average height of a Shire is 17.5 hands, and fittingly, Sampson was later renamed Mammoth.


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