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Book #3: Boy’s Life

Posted in 365 Books with tags , , , , , on May 30, 2011 by kiyokotown

Let’s say there was a magical, mysterious literary genie that lived inside an old ink well. And then let’s say that I somehow came across this ink well and happened to rub it and free said genie. Say it offered me a wish, any wish. What would be my wish, without hesitation? I would like to be bestowed with the ability to write like Sir Robert McCammon.

Oh, he’s not a Knight, you say? Well, he should be. (Because it’s a good thing, right?1) Anyhow, seriously, the man has a crazy way with the written word. I first read Boy’s Life at around age 12, and I was blown away. Haunted. Seriously disappointed when it ended.

It has since become one of my “top five,” one that I own several copies of because I often feel compelled to read it when I’m away from my personal library. (I refuse to buy a Kindle, or any of the like.) I love it more every time I read it and imagine it would make an amazing movie. It has everything, a chilling murder mystery (seriously the first chapter alone will scare the crap out of you), a magical old town with a lake monster and a young boy that experiences life as only a child can. I love, love, love this book.

Author: Robert McCammon
You Might Like This Book (Even If You Don’t Like Books): … if you like Stephen King, you enjoy a good mystery, you were ever a kid.

Buy this book here. Do it, do it now!

1 Haha, just kidding Dad! (My Dad is British and did practically all of my fifth grade essay on his birthland. My own initial effort included the closing “Ta-ta!” simply because I needed two more words to meet the minimum word requirement.)